1. Oracle will be arranged by Client, SCPL will assist to install on your Server. Server Configuration is available on our Site. For smooth operations, Please ensure that All products are installed on the basis of our Technical Machine Configuration.
  2. Machine fully configured as per specification is given by SCPL i.e. Click Here
  3. All Product enhances will be downloaded from SCPL web Site and SCPL will not provide Update CD.
  4. SCPL will not provide any Software CD, Source Code, Documentation, Schema of Database, Database Link and any other associated documents. In case Data required for any other purpose then SCPL will supply in a comma-delimited format on a chargeable basis. SCPL has its own Oracle Security System and will not be revoked or altered under any circumstances.
  5. Any UN-Authorized access or change or add or delete to SCPL database schema manually or by any third party application is strictly prohibited and governed by IT Laws. The database schema is the sole property of SCPL.
  6. Internet connectivity is required before installation to provide instant services/software Updates/Licence/Alert etc.
  7. Payment: 100% payment should be made prior to installation unless specifically agreed to otherwise by SCPL. No payment will be refunded.
  8. Ownership Transfer: Software ownership transfer reserved by SCPL.
  9. Exchange of Software or any part of installed software is not permitted.
  10. Name/Address Change on Software not permitted, in that case, a customer has to purchase new software.
  11. Late payment fee of 2% per month will be charged from the due date for payment on the outstanding invoice value.
  12. Any additional/increase in levies, charges, taxes, cesses, etc. which become applicable as on the date of installation of the product would be payable by the customer.
  13. AMC will be due exactly after one year of product installation. Client shall remember the due date for payment of AMC, failing which all supports & services will be revoked after three months from the AMC due date, this does not require any communication or confirmation from SCPL, thereafter if a client requires the support (e.g data restore, re-installation of software, reports for any purposes), he has to pay the full annual maintenance charges (as agreed) since the last AMC due date.
  14. Annual Maintenance Contract will be valid for Bug fixing, minor upgrades, changes referred by Exchanges and applicable for the current financial year database only. If you require support for the last two years then 50% of Current AMC will apply.
  15. if any client wants to discontinue any product, Activation, Exchange, Client has to inform SCPL in writing prior one month of AMC due date else he has to pay full AMC Due Amount.
  16. You have sole responsibility for adequate protection and backup of data and/or modules(options) used in this software and will not make claim or legal bounding against SCPL for viruses, lost data, re-run time, inaccurate output, work delays or loss profits resulting from the use of the software.
  17. Client Node Connectivity will be your responsibility, SCPL will provide Deployment Kit to install client components. Support will be provided in Delhi and if the client shifts their office then support charges will be revised based on your locations.
  18. We strongly recommend purchasing and installing an SSL certificate for running our netbackoffice, if you run our netbackoffice application without SSL then SCPL will not be responsible for any data leakage/Stolen. The primary reason why SSL is used is to keep sensitive information sent across the Internet encrypted so that only the intended recipient can access it. This is important because the information you send on the Internet is passed from computer to computer to get to the destination server.
  19. One Time installation at branches will be SCPL responsibility and post installations will be on a chargeable basis or take assistance from our web site.
  20. SCPL provides initial training programs (within 15 days from date of software installations) to two persons and further training will be on chargeable basis.
  21. Version Check – Customer has to run a similar version on all PC and if you run different versions and due to this if the application generates any wrong calculation, Posting, Report, etc. then SCPL will not be answerable or responsible. Version Check and update on All PC published on Weekly Mails.
  22. Data backup / Restoring from backup will be client responsibility, you have to follow the instruction provided SCPL Technical specification.
  23. Database other than the current financial year, if required to be shifted to other machines or to be restored that will be done on a chargeable basis. Charges applied per database.
  24. We strictly discourage our clients from employing/hiring Shilpi staff without prior permission or intimation. If any Shilpi client hires/ employee Shilpi staff without prior intimation/ permission then Shilpi Computers Pvt. Ltd. will not hold any responsibility for their database and reports generated via Shilpi application. SCPL also holds the right to Terminate Client Service Contract with immediate effect.
  25. Ex-Employees of Shilpi will not be allowed to Connect/Call/Chat/Mail/forum or any other media to Shilpi Support for Any Technical Help /Discussion etc. related to Services/Products etc.
  26. To Watch Regular Update in your Application for New Enhancement, Bug Fixing and Database schema for future use, your license needs Renewal after 3 – 4 months. SCPL staff will assists you to update application and Renew your License. You can obtain a permanent license on written request on your letterhead, in that case, SCPL will not be responsible for any bug or enhancement “left” out from your application.
  27. SCPL does not hold any responsibility for the client’s database, system or network while accessing client machines via remote services. SCPL suggest taking database and application backup before taking any assistance from SCPL support team and record support session to keep clarity on work done.
    For any changes required on the database prior intimation/approval mail (support@shilpisoft.com) will be required of record purpose.
  28. SCPL will not be responsible for any SQL given by Shilpi Staff to run on Database and changed database credentials. In other words, please do not allow our staff to run any SQL prior to inform and confirm from Shilpi Management.
  29. SCPL will not maintain old application versions. It will be the sole responsibility of the client to keep back-up of the old application version to support old Databases and SCPL is also not charging any fee for old databases/ support of old applications.
  30. SCPL do not provide a separate application for individual customize use, in case separate application provided at the client side for any logical testing or new development than its client responsibility to get it compiled into the main application. If the client running any separate EXE to run any specific requirement then contact to support@shilpisoft.com to add in the main application. SCPL is not responsible for any loss or damage EXE.
  31. Due to an ever-growing requirement of Industry, the Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC) may be the revised year. This will not require any prior intimation to the customer.
  32. Any modification, if not agreed at the time of software purchase, will be done at the extra cost. Modification charges will depend on the complexity of the requirement. Minimum modification charges will be Rs.25,000/- + TAX.
  33. SCPL does not provide a written document for software operations. This is due to the frequent changes and requirements from SEBI, Stock Exchanges, and Govt. Policies etc. which demands a lot of changes in application and functionality on a regular basis.
  34. Payment Cancellation Policy: AMC / New Purchase Product charges amount once paid will be nonrefundable.
  35. The company do not support any cash transaction until unless supported with proper Shilpi Computers Pvt. Ltd.. cash receipt Voucher signed and stamped by the Accounts department.
  36. if the customer paid twice for one transaction, the one transaction amount will be refunded via the same source within 15 to 20 working days
  37. After successfully payment SCPL/I-Shilpi will be sent Final Invoice Bills to Customers with Unique Atom txn reference number if payment made through ATOM Payment gateway.
  38. All disputes are subject to Delhi jurisdiction only.
  39. It is strongly recommended to all Shilpi back-office users to check the trial balance of all segments on a daily basis, if differences are found then it should be reported to Shilpi support staff immediately.  Trail difference if earlier than 3 months then trail reconciliation will be done on a chargeable basis.
  40. Shilpi strongly recommends daily reconciliation of all exchange and compliance-related reports and members are solely responsible for keeping all the compliance’s in-line with the various agencies.