• Robust Real Time I-Net Application, run from your Office Server on minimum bandwidth
  • Deployment on Unix/Linux/Windows
  • Single User Access To Region/RM/RM HEAD/Branch/Sub-Branch/Groups/Clients/Dealers
  • Account Opening/Account View with Complete Details from UCI
  • Digital Signing with Seal Contracts Notes and other Reports.
  • Drill-down report facility
  • Payment gateway
  • Online Voucher entry from branch
  • Online Payment Request
  • Upload Scanned Cheques
  • Instruction Slip Entry.
  • Digital Contract Notes Download Facility
  • PDF/Excel/ Ms Word/Report Export
  • Message Box From Main Office And Sharing Of Documents Across To Business Associates.
  • Real Time Span Margin Calculation And Display To Your Controlling Regions/ Branches/
    Clients Etc.
  • Download Reports for branches Dos Printing
  • Payment Control Report.
Introducing our latest products! The latest software products come with a number of features that make them more user-friendly and effective.
  • All- One - Client Dashboard
  • Cloud Back Office
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Work Team
  • IPO Application Integration
  • Bank API Integration