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  • Set reminders
  • Account & contact management
  • Territory management
  • Set targets
  • Distribute leads automatically
  • Case management
  • Track meetings
  • Customization
  • Integration
  • Development
  • Support

Convert leads to deals

Shilpi LMS lets you track all the right information about your leads. The rich activity timeline lets you see and access the most up-to-date contact information while understanding best practices and relevant documents using Sales Path. You can even see where a marketing campaign lead came from, read the relevant insights you can act on, and write and track emails from the CRM solution. It’s everything you need to convert more leads, faster.
  • Route and assign leads to the right person
  • Prioritize your leads using codes-Hot, Cold, Warm
  • Keep a record of all the Follow-Ups and meetings.

Fully Featured CRM Features

Informative dashboards

GridBlocks provide you with everything you need to build a larger page. They contain a variety of content elements, such as images, buttons, headings, and more.


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Graphs For performance

Role Management

In Shilpi LMS, you can set up the organization-wide hierarchy using Roles. Users at a higher hierarchy can always access all the records of at a lower hierarchy. For example, a Sales Manager can access all the Sales Reps’ records whereas Sales Reps can access only their records.

Task Management

In Shilpi LMS,Task management can help either individuals achieve goals, or groups of individuals collaborate and share knowledge for the accomplishment of collective goals.
  • Helps you to organize, assign tasks and prioritize tasks using color codes all from one place.
  • Proper schedules, continuous uninterrupted workflow with no delays and finish projects on time
  • Eliminates the need to remember all tasks and makes you more productive by sending timely reminders
  • Keep all the record of tasks of all the employees working under you.
  • It lets you send notification SMS and email

Set up your own call center

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  • You can upload different sheets of different products, different cities.
  • Proper sheet allocation
  • No need to feed all the contacts, now import all the contacts and convert them into leads.

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