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Global-eKRA with Customer Databank Functionality


Product Description

Global-eKRA is product which covers NDML, CVL and NSE with having functionality to maintained your customer databank and also provide full interface with your Back office. Global-eKRA also compliant for UCI Entry/ Account Opening entry from Single Place for multiple segments and exchanges.

  • KRA Entry System as per SEBI guidelines
  • 100% compatibility with NDML, CVL, and NSE
  • Application can work in integration /stand-alone environment
  • Combined UCI /Account Opening for multiple exchanges
  • Form entry with proper validation as per KRA guidelines
  • Default value setting to make entry easier and error free
  • Simple and centralized account opening system details across exchanges
  • Customized data pull & push facility to integrate with other databases
  • Client status report branch wise
  • Maker-checker facility with security system
  • Log view of Transferred account for error tracking
  • Easy error tracking and correction method
  • Cazaayan KYA Product Integration and direct import in shilpi KRA Product.


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