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Capital and Derivative Market

Product Description

  • Multi-Exchange Back Office solution for the Capital & Derivative Market
  • Compliant for NSE, BSE, DSE, MCXSE, and CSE.
  • Interface with all available CTCL software Vendors like Now, ODIN etc.
  • Digital Signing and emailing with log maintenance of Reports and Contract Notes
  • Automatic Bank reconciliation, CMS system & Cheque printing on bank stationary
  • Automatic DEMAT Pay-In Pay-Out handling
  • Proper system Log’s for better controls
  • Introducer Commission sharing
  • SEBI Supervision Reports
  • Margin Trading Facility
  • Securities Lending and Borrowing Service Management
  • Custodian Trade Accounting
  • Portfolio Tracker
  • Day End SMS Sending
  • GST Accounting / Invoicing/Export
  • Settlement of Accounts
  • Long Term Short Term
  • Global Reports
  • Precise Inspection Reports
  • Payment Control Reports
  • Payment Request and Auto processing
  • Logs Maintenance for Modification and Deletions
  • Miscellaneous Reports
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Regular update For Compliance and Exchange Requirements


  • Robust Real Time I-Net Application, run from your Office Server on minimum bandwidth
  • Deployment on Unix/Linux/Windows
  • Login Types – Region/RM/Branch/Sub-Branch/Groups/Clients
  • Account Opening/Account View with Complete Details from UCI
  • Digital Signing with Seal Contracts Notes and other Reports.
  • Drill-down report facility
  • Payment gateway (Currently Tech Process,ATOM and BillDesk)
  • Online Voucher entry from branch
  • Online Payment Request
  • Online client modification request for Mobile, email id, address, Bank details, UID with document upload option and Dual authentication method (Via OTP and User Login)
  • Online bulk request for PDF report  generation  & Mailing
    • Contract Note Cum Bill
    • Financial Ledger
    • (You can add more reports on your demand)
  • API integration  with Cloud PBX – now make a call on a click of a button
  • Knowlarity Communication Calling System Integration from where you can make call directly to customer and agent.


  • Live Trade and Rate Import During Live Market
  • CTCL ID wise trade bifurcation
  • Live MTM calculation for clients
  • Un-Hedge position with Delta
  • Deposit and Position upload facility
  • Real-Time alerts for loss-making clients
  • Live profit-loss calculation
  • Drill down up actual trades
  • Reports exportable in CSV formats


  • CTCL ID wise trade bifurcation
  • STT calculation on Actual Basis
  • Delivery & Jobbing Brokerage for Equity Market ( Exchange Wise )
  • Future & Option Brokerage for Derivative Market ( Exchange Wise )
  • Interest Calculations
  • Profit & Loss Sharing System on percentage basis
  • Easy Financial & Bill Posting for Arbitrager’s Accounts


  • Compatible with NSE, BSE, MCX-SX exchanges
  • Installable on USB Drives
  • Trade Import / Manual Trade Entry available
  • ID wise trade import
  • Works with Multiple brokers
  • If using manual trade, automatically generates broker trade
  • Complete accounting as per broker
  • Long term – Short term reports
  • Reports available in Excel and can also be emailed
  • Introducer commission accounting


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