About us

About us

Shilpi ComputersShilpi Computers Limited is a privately held Indian Company established and incorporated in 1992. The Headquarters of Shilpi Computers Ltd. Located in New Delhi. We are the Market Leaders in Computer Consultancy Services and Back Office Services to the Stock Brokers.

The Market and the Business has taught us many things which gave us the Exposure & the Experience to satisfy the needs of our Client. Most importantly, we have shown a great flexibility to the rapidly emerging & constantly changing Environment of the Industry which have only helped us to Increase the standards of our products leading to enhanced Customer Satisfaction.

We work with a Clear Objective – To do Fair Business and be honest to our Customers, Employees & Suppliers.

Since 1992, we have made sure that all the positive knowledge gained through Business & Customers gets into our Product. This ability to reflect and react, yet remain true to our principles, is one of the main reasons why we are the Market Leaders in our Industry. We owe a lot of thanks to the confidence of our Customers and the Dedication of our Loyal Employees for this achievement.

No one makes it alone in this business. So when someone wants to know, who we are, we are proud to say that we are a unique blend of our Quality Products & Services, Dedicated Team, and Loyal Customer. We are a living, breathing entity, we are proud and willing to be of service to you and the community we serve.